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“If you can’t explain it simply, then you haven’t understood it well enough.”—Albert Einstein


RESEARCH PROJECT: Impact assessment of innovations in sustainable and efficient water use

Participation: group leader (2017 –    ) More info: (In Slovenian)

RESEARCH PROJECT: Sustainable Management of Drinking Water in the Manufacturing Industry

The goal of the project was to highlight the impact of sustainable water management on reducing industrial consumption of drinking water in Slovenia. The specially designed model and the formulated hypotheses show that innovation and the organization of manufacturing processes have a significant impact on the successful reduction of drinking water in the manufacturing industry in the Republic of Slovenia. More info: (In Slovenian). Participation: group leader (2013-2015)


RESEARCH PROJECT: Financial literacy in Slovenia with a Focus on Insurance Literacy

The goal of the project was to determine the level of financial literacy of individuals in Slovenia, with a special focus on insurance literacy. Participation: group leader (2013)


RESEARCH PROJECT: Managing Diversity in Slovene Companies

The goal of the project was to answer the following questions: what is strategic diversity management in companies? How are “advanced” companies, from the perspective of diversity management, coping with this issue? How should a company apply diversity management to achieve favourable results for the management and staff? Participation: graduate student (2011-2012)



RESEARCH PROJECT: Marketing Culture as a Strategic Planning Tool in a Post-Transition Economy

The purpose of the research project was to develop a model – and on its basis an instrument – for the assessment of marketing culture, to implement it to a representative sample of medium and large service companies in Slovenia, to study the questions of methodology and contents that could come up with the use of the instrument itself, and to design and suggest actual measures Slovenian companies could use to establish the presence of marketing culture or develop it to the factor of sustainable competitive advantage. Participation: graduate student (2009-2010)




Slovenia is a country located in Europe at the crossroads of main European cultural and trade routes. It is bordered by Italy to the southwest, Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast, Croatia to the southeast, and the Adriatic Sea to the southwest. My homeland.