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As a dynamic researcher in management and social sciences, my expertise spans across pivotal areas such as environmental protection, education, strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, information technology, and organization. I adeptly orchestrate, manage, and execute research across diverse fields, delivering insightful findings to clients with precision.

My passion lies in collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, encompassing data engineers, data scientists, AI specialists, and business and process SMEs. Driven by a growth mindset, I thrive in environments that are not only innovative but also committed to delivering excellence with unwavering confidence.

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If you’re considering bringing me on board, I eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to accomplish your objectives. Seeking expert advice or consultancy for your project? Don’t hesitate to reach out via email for tailored solutions, whether for an individual, a research group, or an organization. Let’s make your goals a reality, starting today.

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  • Ljubljana 1000, Trebinjska ulica 2
  • EU, Slovenia
  • E-mail│melita.moretti(at)gmail.com
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    WHY DRAGON (LJUBLJANA) ON BACKGROUND IMAGE? Ljubljana is truly the prettiest little city in Europe. My hometown.